An update on life


Hello everyone,

Sorry it's small!
I'm sorry I've not posted on my blog for a few days, I haven't been very well. I took some Ibuprofen being as the doctor said it was also an anti-inflammatory as well as a painkiller (great for muscular pain) but silly me took it on an empty stomach. I didn't realise it was to be taken with food and it caused me to be unwell with an upset stomach. In future I will stick to my trusty friend paracetamol, which I usually take if I have some sort of pain. I am now feeling a lot better and have started eating again, thank goodness!

Before I get onto a brighter subject, when me and my nana dropped my little brother off at nursery this morning he was his usual chatty self on the short car journey from home. Once we had took of his coat in the little play room he's in, he was sick - poor little man. We all decided to keep him at nursery, he said in his cute two year old language that he didn't want to go home and they said they'd ring if he got any worse. We rang up at lunch time and heard that he had managed to eat his snack with the other children so hopefully he is now feeling brighter too! Bless his heart.

So on to happier thoughts! I've made a few new purchases with a book being one of them, oops. This is typical of little old 'bookworm' me. I managed to finish the Little Beach Street Bakery by Jenny Colgan which was amazing so I had to fill the void even though I still have two other new ones to read. It won't take me long to get through these books though, reading is a big part of my life ;). In case you're wondering the new book is called Sweet Honey by Cathy Cassidy, it's part of the chocolate box girls series and each story is told by a different sister - they're lovely stories.

Another of the purchases I made was a small bottle of the new Hawaiian Tropic Sheer Touch Radiance SPF 30 sun lotion - ready for my holiday to Menorca in just over two weeks! I'm so excited and ready for a break. You can read about it here.

Lastly I bought a cute little bow and button candle in a pastel purple colour! This is to add to my candle collection I have going on in my room! As well as looking beautiful it has a wonderful scent to it which I think is lavender.             
The candle! 

How have you been this past week?

Lots of love

Koren xo



Being a bookworm


Hello there everyone,

The three books which I purchased.
I'm pretty excited to say that I have purchased three new books! I do have a Kindle which my Grandad bought me for Christmas, though sometimes I love the feel of a real book in my hands instead of a tablet.

I usually buy my books in the supermarket, I tend to go on autopilot and head straight to the book/magazine isle as well as the beauty one. These are definitely my favorite places within the whole shop.

Me and my Nana went to ASDA sometime last week after we had dropped my little brother off at nursery and I picked up 3 books for £10 - what a bargain. This deal included any books on sale, so it's great if you fancied more than one of the books. You should go and take a look in your local store :)

I've started reading "Little Beach Street Bakery" by Jenny Colgan and I am thoroughly enjoying it! I am around chapter twelve at the moment and will hopefully do some more reading later on this afternoon.

Reading is a great escape for me, there is nothing greater than using your imagination to picture the story you're reading. I get so engrossed and the time always tends to fly by - I read whenever I am feeling worried or anxious about anything as it distracts my mind.

What are your favorite books?

Ps. I have around 30 books for sale, if you're interested in seeing these and maybe purchasing one then please email me on:

Lots of Love

Koren xo

Fing'rs Simply Chic - Pretty in Pink


Hello there everybody,

Today I am going to be writing a review on a product which I wouldn't usually purchase, Fing'rs Simply Chic - Pretty in Pink (stick on artificial nails).

The reason why I wouldn't normally purchase a product of this kind is because I'm not very keen on the feel fake nails have when applied onto your natural nail. A lot of people can tolerate the feel of the fake nails once they become used to them being there. Being constantly worried about them coming off whilst getting on with daily life is another negative for me, but this isn't the same for everyone!

So the other day I was having a little wander around Asda (down the beauty isle of course) and I came across these little beauties. I'd never heard of the brand Fing'rs before as I think it's originally an Australian or American brand which has come over to the United Kingdom. The box is very pretty and brightly coloured which stood out to me as I adore colourful things. Another reason I was attracted to these is the fact they're pink (my favorite colour) and the beautiful little bow charms, to stick on your nail once the main ones had been applied - I didn't use these though because they were a little bulky.
There are a variety of different sizes so you can find the best ones for your nails, there are 24 nails all together in 12 sizes! It didn't take me long to find the correct ones for myself. Before I applied them I made sure that all previous nail polish had been removed, I then started the easy process of sticking them onto my natural nails - it took about 5 minutes in total. I was surprised at how sticky the glue on the fake nails were!

I only had the nails on for around 24 hours (they started to irritate me!), the box claims that you can wear them up to a week, I do genuinely believe that they would last that long as the glue was rather strong.

I can honestly say that this is a great product for people who like to use stick on and fake nails, they come in a great assortment of designs and colours and feel so smooth to touch! The nails themselves are quite thick and feel strong, I can tell they're durable especially for someone who uses their nails as tools regularly (like me).

The only thing I found is, when I was doing certain activities like making my bed, I felt a strange sensation over my nail as if they were moving - though I suppose you get this with all fake nails, right?!

You can purchase the Pretty in Pink nails from Asda where I got them from and I guess other supermarkets, possibly including shops like Boots and Superdrug? You should take a wander down your beauty isle to see if you can spot them! :)

The price was around £7, but if you love this sort of thing - it's worth it.

Thanks for reading my lovlies, 

Lots of love, 

Koren xo

Just a couple of beauty tips.


Hello there everyone,

I just thought I would write about a couple of beauty tips which I always include in my daily routine, they don't take a lot of effort and you should be able to easily incorporate them into your own beauty regime.

Number 1 - Brush your eyebrows with a toothbrush!
My auntie is a beautician and I was asking her which brush was the best to use on your eyebrows and where to purchase them from. In reply to my question came out the bizarre "You can just use a toothbrush!".
I looked at her in amazement and didn't quite believe what I was hearing, was she winding me up? No! From that day, I have always used a toothbrush to brush my eyebrows into shape when they get a little messy from a nights sleep in bed and it works perfectly well. I would recommend purchasing a new one and not using one which you've previously used to brush your teeth with ;-).

Number 2 - Apply a moisturizing night cream religiously (every night of course)
So, for my bedtime routine (I have all of my products lined up next to my bed so I don't forget!) I firstly take out my contact lenses and put them into their cute little pot with special lens cleaning lotion to ensure they're cleansed, ready for the next day. I then remove the days makeup with face wipes - I don't have one specific brand which I use all of the time, I just buy random ones, though there are ones I use more than others.

Once I have removed all of my makeup I should really use a cleanser and toner but me being a sleep lover I like to make the bed time routine as quick as possible so I can get into my lovely comfy bed and drift off, Zzz... so unfortunately this doesn't happen as regular as it should do.

To quicken up the process, I finally apply a moisturizing night cream and I can honestly say that since I have been doing this my skin is in a lot better condition, is clearer and feels extremely refreshed! Another bonus is that it's easier to apply my make up if I have had the cream on through the night as my face becomes a lovely smooth even base for application.

Girls, I would really try these tips out to see if it helps you like it has for me! (I will do another post about which moisturizing night cream I use soon).

Which things have you incorporated into your routine which has helped you?

Lots of love

Koren xo

Spring has sprung


Hello everyone!

I've not posted since last week, but there is a very good reason for that - the warm weather is finally in full force and I've been out enjoying it.
I'm not sure how much longer the lovely weather will last, but I do hope that it sticks around for a while as there is nothing else which uplifts my mood quite like the sunshine does.

Fantasy Run

On Saturday morning, my boyfriend and myself played in the back garden with my little brother Charlie who is two years old. We kicked the football around and explored the flowers/plants for butterflies, bees, ladybirds and other creatures (Charlie is easily amused with mini beasts)!
When lunch time came around the boys had a bite to eat outside in the sunshine and I enjoyed a cup of tea, I wasn't that hungry. After that we continued playing for a little bit longer then my mum and her boyfriend took my brother from our hands so that we could all get ready for our afternoon plans!

That afternoon all of the family went up to one of my aunts and uncles houses around 25 minutes away for their leaving party which was France themed (we all had to wear red, white and blue!). The reason for this theme is that my aunt and two cousins are going there for around three months to experience living over there in their holiday home, to see if they could on a permanent basis - if they do decide this I will miss them lots (sad face) but hopefully I will get to visit often!

The party was great fun, they hired a big assault course called "Fantasy Run" which took up the majority of the garden, for the kids to play on but the adults joined in too of course! We had races (the younger kids, the older kids and the adults), this caused everyone to have a good giggle! We mostly spent the afternoon chatting and catching up with family and family friends we hadn't seen in a while.
My aunt had made a delicious buffet with boiled potato's in butter, salad, crusty bread, chili and various other food. There was also some cute France themed cupcakes made especially for the party by my boyfriend's step mum which we had for afters.
Cute cupcakes!

After a lovely afternoon and evening at the leaving party we decided to leave as my brother was getting tired, he had his milk and put his pyjamas on before we left just in case he fell to sleep on the journey back - adorable!

When we arrived home I was worn out but me and my boyfriend still had another party to attend, which was one of his best friends cousins 18th Birthday party. At this party there was a bouncy castle, a bucking bull where you have to hold on and see how long you can stay on before falling off and there was also a foam machine ring (it was sort of in the shape of a boxing ring with inflatable walls and floor which had foam flying around everywhere coming out of the foam machine). I didn't go in there though as I was too chilly at that time of evening when the sun was setting.

There was lots of music, food, booze - the usual things you find at a party! A lot of people camped out in the field which backs onto their back garden but me and my boyfriend decided to go home as we didn't fancy sleeping in his car (we don't own a tent). We left around 1.30 in the morning, just as we was leaving a stripper pulled up on the front drive in his car - a super surprise for the birthday girl!

When we got home, we went straight to bed and I slept until 11 in the morning, which is unlike me as I am such an early bird getting up between 7 and 8 on most mornings whether I have had a late night or not!

Overall I had an action packed and fun Saturday in the sunshine and hope there is more to come!

What did you all get up to over the weekend?

Lots of love

Koren xo

No7 Stay Perfect Foundation (Cool Vanilla)


Today I'll be doing a quick review on my absolute favorite make up staple, I would love to share my experiences with this product and hopefully make it easier for any of you who are looking to try out a new foundation.

I've been wearing this product for around a year now and I can sincerely say that I won't ever be walking away from it, it's saved me from the constant daily battle with various other foundations (I just couldn't find one to suit my skin!). My friend Rhea introduced me to it, she's mixed race so I wasn't able to try it out on my face but I put a little bit on my hand and rubbed it in. Obviously hers was too dark for me especially as I am usually the lightest colour in all shades - yes, I am a bit like a walking snow white just without the princess dresses and talking animals.

 Anyway, when I applied the product for the first time on my hand I could feel the difference to any other foundation I had ever tried, it had a lovely light, soft feel to it which compelled me to buy my own when I went to boots the next day.

As I said before I had a constant battle of chopping and changing foundation on a regular basis, none of them sat right on my skin and made my face feel unattractive and cakey. I was excited to try it out, when I did I was pleasantly surprised at how natural it looks whilst giving a medium to full coverage at the same time.

It does feel a little greasy when you first apply it but once you've fully rubbed it in you can't tell you have anything on your face! I apply it with my fingers which I've heard is bad/unhygienic but it works for me - if you use brushes to apply your makeup then go ahead. Either way I am sure you'll be happy with how this makes your skin look.

I have very, very (might I add another very?) fair skin so I opted with Cool Vanilla, which I think is the second to lightest, I wanted a teeny weeny bit of colour! If you go into boots the lady will 
scan both of your cheeks with a special device which calculates the suitable shade for your skin tone - I didn't get this done though. 

My skin savior!

Overall it is a great product and perfect for all skin types!

You can purchase it here (Boots have a 3 for 2 deal on for all No7 products - YAY!)

Was this review helpful? Which has been your makeup savior?

Lots of love

Koren xo

Prickly Pear Barry M Gelly Polish


This is my first ever product review so bear with me!

I am such a nail polish addict, I find it impossibly hard to tear myself away from the beauty and nail isle whenever I visit the shops. You'll often have to bribe me away with chocolate! (Another major love of mine) 

Anyway, I am a big fan of the Barry M Gelly Polish range and have recently acquired a few beautiful spring time colours.  Pastel spring hues are big at the moment (S/S14) and I couldn't resist - they go hand in hand with my soft and calm personality perfectly whilst complimenting my outfits. 
A great shiny finish! 

Prickly pear is a delightful shade of pastel purple, which reminds me of lavender.


This nail polish is pleasant to put on, it goes on really smoothly without causing any nasty marks or bumps. Although it goes on well, you do have to build it up (I recommend three layers) - the first layer is very thin but as you build up the layers you're left with a beautiful rich matte colour. It's important to let each layer dry before you apply the next so you get a smoother and more precise application.

As you can see in the picture above it has a lovely shine to it once it has dried and feels very smooth to touch. If you would like it to be even more shiny then I suggest putting on a top coat which will add to the Gelly effect.

You would think going by the name you'd have to go to all of the usual trouble doing gel nails, but this isn't the case at all - you simply just apply it like normal nail polish and get the same beautiful effect.

You can purchase Prickly Pear and a wide variety of other shades here

Which shades are your favorite for this time of year?

Lots of love

Koren xo

Oh, I do like to be beside the seaside


Hello there everyone!

I've just come back from a weeks break at Southview Leisure Park in Skegness, it was my first time to this particular holiday site which is owned by Park Resorts but I certainly would go back again. The park is located not too far from the beach and main amusements (a five minute drive). I went with my brother who is two years old, my mum and her partner, my grandma and also my boyfriend.

The accommodation which we stayed in was a Silver Plus caravan which slept up to 8 people, this was a homely caravan though rather basic. It had quite a big open plan living room and kitchen with a TV and the sofa converted into one of the beds if needed. The rooms were pretty small though this isn't a surprise as most caravans are like this and it's all part of the fun! Throughout the caravan in each room was an electric heater on the wall and the living room had a gas fire - we left the electric heaters on all of the time as at this time of year it can still get pretty chilly especially in the morning and evening! Cutlery, plates, mugs and bed linen was provided, you was required to take your own tea towels and toilet roll etc.

May is a wonderful time to come to this park as there are ducklings and other baby animals wandering around - it is such a wonderful sight! I have a slight obsession with ducks and made friends with some who came to the caravan every morning and evening to be fed some bread, this made me happy. I was tempted to take a duckling home, a dream of mine at the moment is to have one as a pet. (Odd? I know!) There are lakes situated around the park and lots of pretty flowers and greenery - it is such a lovely and relaxing place, perfect for walks.

Here are some of the cute ducklings!

We spent the day at Butlins and went to the splash world which was amazingly fun and bought the child in me to the surface. Me and my boyfriend went down a flume on a ginormous neon green dingy (it was a lot faster than I thought!) this took me by surprise as it looked as if the water was flowing steadily but I was proved wrong, it caused me to have a satisfying adrenaline rush. I was a wimp and didn't go on it again afterward though. We spent a few hours in there and then went to an all you can eat buffet for our tea - I had jacket potato with baked beans (YUMMY!!) then for dessert I had a gorgeous warm toffee sponge cake with custard, a perfect end to an action packed day.

Other days out included once to the beach making sand castles though we were sat there shivering with our coats on and our hoods up - this is typical of an English holiday! We went to various arcades, ate out at different restaurants (in fact, every meal consumed was at a restaurant - oops!). We also played mini golf every day and had competitions against each other, the closest I got to winning was second place, which I am proud of. My mums partner won all of the games and he was the one writing all of the numbers down, hmm? No, he wouldn't of!

I could write all day about the holiday though I am going to stop now as it's my bed time. Zzz. (I do have something else to look forward to though, which is a week away in Menorca, I am going in June - Yay!) 

Where is your favorite place to go on holiday? Are you going anywhere nice this year? 

Lots of Love, 

Koren xo

A proper hello from me

Hello there everyone,

Back in February of this year I wrote my very first blog post - it didn't have a specific theme, it was just an introduction of myself and a little insight to what my interests are. If you would like to know anything else about me, don't hesitate to ask!

After months of being unmotivated to write any blog posts I am now in a place where I am able to dedicate a lot of time to this and I want to make it an enjoyable and exciting place to visit.

I have decided that my blog will be a place where I shall write about beauty, health, lifestyle, food and it shall also include product reviews among little updates from what's going on in my life.

Lots of love,

Koren  xo