Few And Far Between


Hello there everyone,

As the title says and of course as you all know my posts to this blog are few and far between. That is, because of lack of energy to be able to write. I do apologise for this my lovely readers and as always I hope you're well and your new year of 2016 is going just swimmingly.

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas.. In my last post I said how excited I was that it was coming up and YES I did manage to enjoy myself with my family and even have a little bit of chocolate! On Christmas Day itself temptation was at its strongest and I had my first Ferrero Rocher chocolate that I had eaten in years. In fact it was the first piece of chocolate to pass my lips in months and it was absolutely beautiful I must say! My friends know me as the super duper chocoholic with her own special secret chocolate collection stashed away in her pink tin ready to dive into whenever she pleases (of course I share with my friends). Unfortunately though because of my digestive illnesses this super duper chocoholic girl faded.. but she's slowly coming back!

Just before Christmas I stayed in hospital and trialled having an NG (Nasogastric) tube - the plan was to be fed overnight through the feeding tube and then work on building up my food portions in the day. Unfortunately the NG tube was causing me a lot of pain and discomfort in my throat and I couldn't swallow very easily with it in - I had it removed and a new one put it to no avail. After 8 days of staying in the hospital I was discharged home on Christmas Eve (I was so happy about this) and was prescribed new nutritional drinks and medication. I've been managing 3-4 of the nutritional drinks a day (900kcal-1200kcal) with tiny portions of food and have managed to put 2-3 pounds on within around 6 weeks. Although not enough as I am still dangerously underweight - it's something!

Next week I have a hospital appointment with my doctor and dietician to discuss a long term dietetic care plan with me which may involve me having to have a long term NG tube. I will soon find out anyway and make sure to keep you updated as to where we are going now! If I do have to have an NG tube I do hope it doesn't cause me as much pain as it did the first and second times.

Anyway, this year is the year I will hopefully recover enough to start enjoying my life. The year I start to get my quality of life back and actually start to live and spread my wings more. I try to stay as positive as one can do in this situation but don't get me wrong - I do have my tearful and down days where I wish I could just snuggle up in bed with my lovely pink tin of super delicious chocolate and let all of the chocolate fill me with happiness and joy (not nausea and horrible symptoms haha!) hey, at least now I can once again enjoy a little bit of chocolate and hopefully by next Christmas it'll be more than "just the one" Ferrero Rocher! Yummy!

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed the update.

Lots of Love,
Koren xo