Hello Autumn - an update on my life.


Hello there everyone!

I do hope you're all well and have had a good time over the summer months with whatever you have been doing, a lovely relaxing holiday perhaps? Whether you've jetted of to luxurious locations the world over or stayed right here on home ground in the UK (we can't complain too much about the weather, it's not been oh so bad - has it?!) I am sure you are sad it's come to an end. Hey, Autumn is here now but don't despair as there's lots of exciting times to look forward to! Halloween, Bonfire Night and my utterly most favourite CHRISTMAS are all on the horizon, woohoo! Oh and what joy it is to be able to snuggle up under a cosy blanket whilst candles fill up the room with delightful smells and twinkling fairy lights sprinkled all around. Even though it is horrible and icy outside make sure you stay warm and safe inside whenever you can!

So once again you may be wondering where I have been hiding? A lot of you (friends and family) know I have been quite unwell and I still am. I have been having a lot of digestive trouble resulting in an unhealthy weight loss. I feel exhausted, dizzy and weak all of the time which is horrible and I spend most of my days at home with my Nana. I am so grateful for her company, unconditional love and care that she gives me - she's a star and I absolutely love her. I also need to mention and take this time to appreciate my other family members who I live with and those who I don't, boyfriend and friends who are supporting me in this hard period of my life.

I've tried all sorts of nutritional supplement drinks, have been swapping and changing due to feed intolerance although I have finally found one I am managing to have (touchwood!) called Vital 1.5kcal which is specially made for people with sensitive tummies. I drink 2 a day, they have 300kcal per 200ml and are a nutritionally complete sole source of nutrition with all of the vitamins and minerals required for a healthy functioning body. I do try and have little bits of bland food alongside these as well to build up my calories so I hope to be putting on a little bit of weight soon, I long to be beautiful and curvy again.

The NHS have been wonderful and I am grateful that I have such supportive GPs and dieticians. I can not fault them, the NHS do not get enough praise that they well and truly deserve! I have a good health care plan which has been put together so I feel a little more positive now (not 100% but I am trying). I am currently having tests done with a gastroenterologist but I do hope it's nothing too bad and something that can be turned around with the right treatment. You also know that I suffer from severe Emetophobia (such a bad combination) alongside everything else going on but I am starting therapy for that in two weeks time. Let's hope this is the beginning of my long and winding road to recovery!

I really wish that I could feel better, even just a teeny weeny bit in time for my favourite time of year. I hope to be able to enjoy Christmas without as many worries as I have now. I can't wait to be snuggled around the fire and Christmas tree with my loved ones feeling all festive opening presents, having a laugh playing board games and watching festive TV. Maybe I will be able to give in to temptation and indulge a little in the Christmas chocolate box or the other yummy delectable treats that time of year has to offer. One can wish anyway so let's hope my dreams come true and all of yours do.

A positive is I have just got a lovely new phone - upgrading from the Pink iPhone 5C to the iPhone 6 Gold (64GB) which I am in love with and is just perfect! I did originally go for the iPhone 6S Rose Gold which is so elegant and beautiful but with it only being 16GB it didn't have enough memory for me as I am such a heavy user *giggles*. I'll be sure to make good use of my new phone and I will try to start taking some new snaps for my Instagram account and also try and blog a little bit more! Please bare with me though as I haven't always got the energy to write but thank you for reading this and I hope you have a good day wherever you may be.

Coming up - I will try and do a bedroom makeover post soon!

Lots of Love,
Koren xo

10 things to do to cheer you up!


Hello there everyone!


I am sorry that I haven't done a post since April, I am guilty of not having any motivation to write on here and have been absorbing myself into too many books - that will never change though as I will forever be a bookworm! I've had many down days myself so I decided to write this post to tell you some tips which you can do to cheer yourself up when you're having one of those days. Hopefully you're not having them often. Here's to hopefully a happier you..

1. Read a good book! This is such a peaceful and relaxing way to escape the realities of the real world and you'll most certainly get sucked into a great imaginary world where you can forget your worries.

2. Have a lovely warm bubble bath. The warm water gently surrounding your body, the sweet smells of your body wash and the clean feeling you get afterward will definitely lift your spirits.

3. Watch a Disney film. Everybody loves a good old Disney movie, what better way is there to cheer up than to get all nostalgic from Disney childhood memories.

4. Smile! Smiling even when you have nothing to smile about will fool your brain into thinking you're happy by releasing endorphins.

5. Go for a peaceful walk in the countryside or somwhere you love. Like smiling, exercise such as walking also releases endorphins - the feel good happy hormone!

6. Speak to loved ones like friends and family whether it is about how you're feeling or just general chit chat. This is bound to cheer you up!

7. Take deep breaths. This will calm your whole body from head to toe. It is very soothing to the soul and will help you feel more in control of the day or situation.

8. Turn on your favorite music and get dancing or singing!

9. Meditate for 10 minutes. Turn off your phone, go and sit in a quiet room then imagine you are on a beach or somewhere which makes you happy - smell all of the smells, see all of the sights and hear all of the sounds. Whilst doing this also keep in mind your breathing.

10. Hang out with your pet - give them lots of cuddles or stroke their fur. They will make you feel loved, wanted and happy! They stick by your side no matter what after all.

These are just a few ideas to try and make your day that little bit brighter, I hope some of these ideas help for you or your loved ones.

Don't hesitate to share your own ideas in the comments!

Lots of Love,
Koren xo

10 things to love about Spring



Hello there everyone!

After my not so upbeat blog post yesterday I thought I would write something a lot more cheerful to match this lovely weather we are having. Of course - it's spring! The birds are singing, there's a sweet smell in the air and the days are getting longer, what's more to love? Well here are my top 10 things which I adore about spring time, enjoy!

                                                                1 - The Longer Days
I love how the days are getting longer and the evenings aren't becoming dark at 4pm, now's the chance to embrace the beautiful surroundings in your garden and relax outside after a long day. Just listen to them cute birds tweet away!

                                                                2 - A Warmer Breeze
The temperature is on the rise which means we can ditch the big thick winter coats and start to show off our pretty outfits without the extra layers! Girls, don't forget to start shaving your legs again (we all know we lack a little during winter).

                                                                      3 - New Life
It's so sweet to see the new baby animals being born such as the lambs and birds. Anyone who knows me understands how much I adore all animals and it makes me happy to see the world waking up after a cold, cold season.

                                                                     4 - Butterflies
I just love butterflies! Seeing them flutter around the garden enjoying their freedom makes me smile. They are such beautiful creatures and I long to hold one - I always try and put my hand out when ones nearby in hope they'll land on it, though it's not worked yet!

                                                                       5 - Flowers
Just how lovely is it to see all of the new flowers budding and making a fine appearance? I think they are all so pretty and they make our surroundings look a lot more cheerful and pleasant. It's a lot better than a dull, grey landscape which you often find in winter.

                                                                     6 - Fresh Air
It's great being able to stand outside and take a breath of fresh air. I tend to sometimes nip out into my garden for five minutes for some peace and quiet whilst taking in the fresh spring air, it's very refreshing and relaxing, especially after hibernating all winter!

                                                                7 - Pastel Nail Polish
Don't get me wrong, I always wear my Maybelline "pink in the park" nail polish which is such a cute pretty pastel pink colour. I just feel that pastel nail polishes suit the spring season more than others, they're just so bright and fresh.

                                                                  8 - Blossom Trees
There isn't much to say on blossom tree but I just want to say how beautiful I find them, especially the pink ones! I always smile when I see my first blossom tree, which was about three weeks ago!

                                                               9 - The Park/Outdoors
One of my favourite things to do in the spring time is spend time outdoors in pretty parks or other spaces. It's nice to get out and about with friends and family, maybe with a little picnic too and a few ball games.

                                                             10 - Promise of Summer
It's just so exciting to know that there is a lot more lovely weather to come and plenty of things to enjoy!

I hope you've enjoyed my little sum up of what I love about spring, what do you love about it?

Lots of Love,
Koren xo

A Big Hello From Me Again!


Hello there everyone,

I've missed you all and this blog so much!

So I guess you're wondering where on earth I've gotten to these past few months which have passed us by? Did you think I had fallen of the face of the universe? I've been suffering a lot with my health and if I am honest I haven't had any energy to write any blog posts, which I have been terribly sad about. Blogging is one of my most favourite hobbies among others and I haven't had any motivation to do any of them. I'm not going to let my health stop me any more though, I think If I continue to do the things I enjoy I shall feel better within myself.

I'm feeling a little more upbeat now that Spring is finally upon us (well more or less!). The weather the past few days has been beautiful and sunny and that never fails to put a smile on my face whilst relaxing me a little. I've decided I'm going to dedicate a whole blog post on my health problems which have been affecting me so that you can all have a little insight into my daily struggles and life. I feel I should be honest with you, my readers. It's only fair being as I've left you without anything to read for so long!

I also have another upcoming post about some new nail products which I've been using, I hope you'll enjoy that! There will be lots more posts coming up on my blog in the near future for you all to take a read of as well so yes, me - Koren is finally back on the blogging scene!

Thank you for taking a read of this and I truly do hope that you are all feeling wonderful!

Lots of Love, 

Koren xo