A Big Hello From Me Again!


Hello there everyone,

I've missed you all and this blog so much!

So I guess you're wondering where on earth I've gotten to these past few months which have passed us by? Did you think I had fallen of the face of the universe? I've been suffering a lot with my health and if I am honest I haven't had any energy to write any blog posts, which I have been terribly sad about. Blogging is one of my most favourite hobbies among others and I haven't had any motivation to do any of them. I'm not going to let my health stop me any more though, I think If I continue to do the things I enjoy I shall feel better within myself.

I'm feeling a little more upbeat now that Spring is finally upon us (well more or less!). The weather the past few days has been beautiful and sunny and that never fails to put a smile on my face whilst relaxing me a little. I've decided I'm going to dedicate a whole blog post on my health problems which have been affecting me so that you can all have a little insight into my daily struggles and life. I feel I should be honest with you, my readers. It's only fair being as I've left you without anything to read for so long!

I also have another upcoming post about some new nail products which I've been using, I hope you'll enjoy that! There will be lots more posts coming up on my blog in the near future for you all to take a read of as well so yes, me - Koren is finally back on the blogging scene!

Thank you for taking a read of this and I truly do hope that you are all feeling wonderful!

Lots of Love, 

Koren xo