10 things to love about Spring



Hello there everyone!

After my not so upbeat blog post yesterday I thought I would write something a lot more cheerful to match this lovely weather we are having. Of course - it's spring! The birds are singing, there's a sweet smell in the air and the days are getting longer, what's more to love? Well here are my top 10 things which I adore about spring time, enjoy!

                                                                1 - The Longer Days
I love how the days are getting longer and the evenings aren't becoming dark at 4pm, now's the chance to embrace the beautiful surroundings in your garden and relax outside after a long day. Just listen to them cute birds tweet away!

                                                                2 - A Warmer Breeze
The temperature is on the rise which means we can ditch the big thick winter coats and start to show off our pretty outfits without the extra layers! Girls, don't forget to start shaving your legs again (we all know we lack a little during winter).

                                                                      3 - New Life
It's so sweet to see the new baby animals being born such as the lambs and birds. Anyone who knows me understands how much I adore all animals and it makes me happy to see the world waking up after a cold, cold season.

                                                                     4 - Butterflies
I just love butterflies! Seeing them flutter around the garden enjoying their freedom makes me smile. They are such beautiful creatures and I long to hold one - I always try and put my hand out when ones nearby in hope they'll land on it, though it's not worked yet!

                                                                       5 - Flowers
Just how lovely is it to see all of the new flowers budding and making a fine appearance? I think they are all so pretty and they make our surroundings look a lot more cheerful and pleasant. It's a lot better than a dull, grey landscape which you often find in winter.

                                                                     6 - Fresh Air
It's great being able to stand outside and take a breath of fresh air. I tend to sometimes nip out into my garden for five minutes for some peace and quiet whilst taking in the fresh spring air, it's very refreshing and relaxing, especially after hibernating all winter!

                                                                7 - Pastel Nail Polish
Don't get me wrong, I always wear my Maybelline "pink in the park" nail polish which is such a cute pretty pastel pink colour. I just feel that pastel nail polishes suit the spring season more than others, they're just so bright and fresh.

                                                                  8 - Blossom Trees
There isn't much to say on blossom tree but I just want to say how beautiful I find them, especially the pink ones! I always smile when I see my first blossom tree, which was about three weeks ago!

                                                               9 - The Park/Outdoors
One of my favourite things to do in the spring time is spend time outdoors in pretty parks or other spaces. It's nice to get out and about with friends and family, maybe with a little picnic too and a few ball games.

                                                             10 - Promise of Summer
It's just so exciting to know that there is a lot more lovely weather to come and plenty of things to enjoy!

I hope you've enjoyed my little sum up of what I love about spring, what do you love about it?

Lots of Love,
Koren xo