Hello there everyone!

One of my Livingstone Daisies in the garden!
I'm ever so sorry about not posting as much as I would like too, I feel extremely guilty and sad that I haven't been able to! I honestly don't know how many of you girls and guys read my blogs posts - I could just be chatting away to myself though I don't mind because I love writing about different things.

What have I been doing lately I hear you ask? Since I've come back from Menorca (oh how I wish I was back there lazing around in the sunshine) I've been to a few various interviews, all of which are office/administration roles as this is the ideal sector I would love to get into along side marketing and journalism. The interviews went as well as an interview can go and I have had a work trial along with a second interview tomorrow with two directors of another company - SCARY STUFF!!
Whilst I'm speaking about careers and what not, I've started writing for a new online magazine called Screencity and have just finished my first article about ten minutes before writing this and that's been emailed off - hopefully they'll like it enough :)

In my spare time I've been spending a lot of time with my friends because the weather has been absolutely too beautiful not to miss! Me and one of my best friends Rosie have had a few shopping trips and yesterday evening her fiance and our friend Jack came along with us both to a place called Trent Lock. I live around 5 minutes away from here, it's a lovely place to walk around especially in the spring/summer seasons and is very popular with people who own narrow boats who stop off for a few days here on the canal. There is also a Golf Club with two golf courses, mini golf and a driving range so we all had a laugh on the latter! I would love to start going out more on walks and make the most of this hot weather.

I mentioned above that I've been on a few shopping trips and I might have to do a blog post to show you what I've bought or maybe even interview tips for those of you in the same boat as me? If you have any other blog post suggestions then please, please don't hesitate to get in touch either on the comments or email me at

Thanks so much for reading if you've got this far and I hope you have a lovely rest of the day whatever you have planned.

Lots of Love

Koren xo