Interview tips


Hello there everyone,

How are we all on this lovely Sunday night?

This post is going to include a few job interview tips for those of you who are you going through the tedious job searching process like me. We've all been there and done that when it comes to looking for a job and it can be quite stressful but once you've bagged yourself an interview it is your time to shine and most importantly be yourself!

Tip number 1: SMILE

On my past interviews I have realised how important it is to go into that room with a great big smile on your face, it shows the employer you're happy to be there and are a confident person. Even if you're not so confident - smiling will certainly help you to feel better about yourself as it releases endorphin's (those helpful happy hormones). So go ahead, step inside and show off those squeaky clean teeth!

Tip number 2: BE YOURSELF
I think it's important to always be yourself when speaking to your potential new boss, if you're putting on a "front" it might be hard to upkeep if you do land a job there. Express your strengths and weaknesses to the employer when asked and be honest about these - open up to them, they'll appreciate that. If you let your natural self show you'll be a lot calmer and relaxed and come across better whilst speaking!


When going for an interview I think it's best to make an effort in your appearance. I usually wear a nice blouse with a skirt and tights with smart black shoes. Everybody is different and has their own sense of style so I would still include some personality in there, I do this by wearing my favorite jewelry or having my nails painted in my favorite polish. That way some of you is still peaking through just that little bit :). Most importantly though - make sure you are comfortable in the outfit and it isn't too much out of your comfort zone as this will show in your body language.

Tip number 4: BE HONEST

When answering the questions be honest with your answers and don't make anything up - this goes hand in hand with BEING YOURSELF! Answer to the best of your abilities and don't be put off if you don't understand anything, they should explain if you ask them to. If you're not happy with something about the job role, working hours, etc. then voice your worries/concerns to see if they can come up with a solution like training to help you feel more confident in the role. This way if they do employ you - they'll ensure you are happy which should be their main priority :).

I hope these tips put your mind at ease if you have an interview coming up. If you're not lucky enough to have one just yet - please, please don't give up! There is something out there for everyone - it's just about being patient and waiting to find that perfect role (which is what I'm having to do!)

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Lots of love,

Koren xo