Meet Poppy


Hello everyone,

I would like you all to be introduced to my new little pet called Poppy who's a Syrian hamster aged between 11-15 weeks now.

Hello I'm Poppy!

I've had this little lady for around two weeks now and am still in the process of taming her. I would love to be able to just pick her up and give her lots of cuddles as I find her so adorable but unfortunately I will have to wait until she feels a little more comfortable in her new surroundings, around myself and my family. We must be like ginormous moving sky scrapers who make funny noises to her.

A lovely thing is I have realised that when she's on her wheel or going about her own business in the evenings and I come up to her cage she will stop what she's doing and come up to the bars to say hello to me! This makes me smile :)

Do any of you have any good tips on taming a hamster so they feel comfortable?

Lots of Love 

Koren xo