10 things which make me happy


Hello there everyone!
There I am, reading away with my cuppa.

I thought I would give you all a little insight of the things in life which make me happy. Everybody is different and certain things which make one person happy may not make another feel the same way. At the end of the day we all have those lovely little comforts in life to fall back on when times are tough or when you just need a little me time. Here are my top 10!

Number 1 - Reading
Okay, so you all could of probably guessed this one. This is one of the main things in life which can turn my frown into a smile before you can say strawberry. I have an unhealthy (or is it healthy?) obsession with reading - whenever any of my friends ask what I'm up to, they know what answer is coming "I'm reading" of course! I'm into a variety of genres including chick lit, romance, children's books such as those by Jacqueline Wilson as I think she's an incredible author and any others which catch my eye whilst browsing through the bookshop.

Number 2 - Magazines
This goes hand in hand with reading, I adore reading and browsing through magazines and I do have my favorites including Cosmopolitan, Glamour and Essentials. I have signed up to Cosmopolitan's subscription service so when this arrives through my letterbox each month I do a little leap of joy and want to kiss the postman/lady! The September 14 issue arrived at my house this week which I still have got to read - can't wait. I love most of the stories which are published in each of these magazines and find the problem pages quite interesting. I always used to want to become an agony aunt, in fact I still would (maybe one day, huh?)

Number 3 - Oh so wonderful cup of tea
Okay, I can't go a day without a cup of tea I think I would die if I attempted this? The first thing I reach for in a morning when I rise from dreamland is my beloved little bird mug and make myself a cuppa. I must drink around 3 - 4 cups of tea a day and it ALWAYS has to be strong with no sugar! I don't understand why people have sugars in their tea, I prefer the crisp refreshing taste. Somebody want to come and make me a brew? Anyone?
My lil' birdy mug

Number 4 - Chocolate
Now this IS an unhealthy obsession of mine which really needs to stop. I consume way too much chocolate on a daily basis - my favorite being Milkybar (the white kids chocolate). It's just so sweet, smooth and makes me happy. I love to put it in my mouth and let it sit there to melt and finally slide away into nothingness. Once it has gone and slid away I have to repeat the process to continue this mood boosting process though I draw the line at some point, otherwise I shall be turning into a chocolate bar before I know it. I'm sure all of you chocolate lovers out there can relate! ;)
A pretty lavender candle in my room

Number 5 - All things girly
Many of my closest friends will know I am probably one of the girliest girls out there in the world. I love all things pink, floral, cute, pretty, vintage and Cath Kidston. I would describe my bedroom as VERY girly - it has lots of those little plaques with quotes on hanging around everywhere, beige wallpaper on one wall with shiny butterflies, vines and flowers on, cute little trinket boxes and candles lying around. Which brings me to my 6th happy point...

Number 6 - Candles duh!
I love candles and I am the owner of many. I have quite a few Yankee candles which have been given to me as presents from family and friends, a couple of Blush candles which smell devilishly divine and other random ones I have picked up on shopping trips.

Number 7 - Animals
Animals never fail to cheer me up when I am feeling down. They have the power to boost your mood by one little stroke or touch of their silky smooth fur. I have two pets - a cat called Jessie who's mostly black though she has tiny little white patches on her chest and belly. I then have a baby hamster called Poppy which I have recently wrote about here. Animals just seem to love you unconditionally no matter what life brings and they are ever so cute!

Number 8 - My little brother
Wow, my brother means a lot to me. When my mum first announced she was pregnant I was absolutely over the moon - I never thought I would have a sibling, it was a dream come true.
My brother is called Charlie and will be three in December, time has flew by since the first time I met him with his cute little fingers and his tiny little button nose, such a lovely bundle of joy and happiness. Charlie is such a character now and into everything, though one of the main things is, he never fails to make me smile and laugh. 
Me and my fave

Number 9 - My family/friends

I'm ever so grateful for my wonderful family and friends, I couldn't live without these special people in my life. They are here for me no matter what life throws at us and I will always be here for them. I have been going through a rough patch with my anxiety/panic attacks over the last few years and couldn't thank them enough for everything they have done to support me and help me through the bad days. You all know who you are and you will always be in my heart safe.

Number 10 - Technology and blogging
Ah okay, so this is a bit of a silly one compared to what I have been writing about but I honestly couldn't live without my phone and the internet. I am so glad I have found the blogging world where I can express and write about anything I want to in my OWN special place. I also love exploring new phone apps, websites and other various things on the internet as I find it fun and it helps to pass time when there's nothing else to do. I find the internet quite comforting in an odd way. Does anyone else feel this?

There are lot's of other things which make me happy but these which I have listed are the main ones.
I love sharing who I am and what I love with you all and hope you can do the same with me. Thank you for getting this far and reading all of this quite long blog post!

What things make you happy? Comment below if you want :)

Lots of love,

Koren xo
Do what it says :)