Chailland public gardens
Hello there everyone!

Even though this has been posted now that I'm back home in England I am currently writing this as I sit in the lovely country kitchen at my uncles holiday/future home in France. I hope that makes sense. We're in a tiny little hamlet next to a village called Chailland (pronounced Shion) somewhere around the Loire valley - it's very picturesque with lush green fields and tall trees covering the valley surrounding us.

The hamlet is quite out of the way from the hustle and bustle of people and different to everyday life in England. The French are VERY laid back and its their national three week holiday at the moment so not many places, like cafes or shops are open. I don't think I have ever visited somewhere this quiet before and beautiful as it is, it can get rather boring for somebody who's used to being in a busy village/town where there is mostly always something happening or something to occupy yourself with. Me and my cousin Nicole who's 18 (two years younger than me) are finding it hard to live without
Chailland village

This is my first time visiting France and I have to say it's very similar to England weather wise, it's nearly the end of August and has been quite chilly with a cool breeze this week, along with a few hot sunny breaks throughout the day. I really wish I had bought some more warmer layers, I have one cardigan and quite a thin coat which I've been living in (literally) whilst I've been here as this is the warmest of my clothes I bought along with me! I am a person who feels the cold extremely easily.

We've had a pretty laid back few days here mostly just staying around the house, garden and hamlet. They're quite a few children who live in the hamlet (perfect for my younger cousins aged 8 and 9) and a lot of freedom for them to roam around or play on their bikes etc. On Thursday I spent the afternoon being a child again playing out with the other kids and my cousins on bikes and making dens in the back garden - it was quite nostalgic.

On our last day we visited a beautiful large Fortress/Castle, the biggest I have ever seen! It was wonderful to look around and take a step back in time. We went up two towers with spiral staircases and these took AGES to walk up and down, I couldn't of put up with living there and having to do that every day (haha)! The town surrounding the Castle was absolutely lovely - very vintage and chic with cute cafes, shops and gift shops.

Overall it was a quite a nice break away from England though it's great to be back to a more lively atmosphere and WiFi! Oh yes, our WiFi at home is being horrendous again so I am going to have to ring them back up again! :(

Have you ever visited France, if so - what was it like and where about did you visit?

Lots of Love
Koren xo
The town where the Castle is