Let's bake!


Hello there everyone!

Crunchy Nut Cluster Vanilla Drops
I hope you're all doing okay and have had a great week with whatever you have been up to. At least the working week has come to an end now and you can relax for the weekend. What do you all have planned? I think I'm going to do a bit of shopping tomorrow as I need to get a few bits and bobs from Tesco's. I also need to clean out my cute little lady Poppy (the hamster) oh what fun!

I'm at home a lot being as I don't have a full time job and can get quite bored but one of my favourite past times is baking. I have a variety of different hobbies but baking has and always will be one of the most enjoyable for me!

Cheesy Loaf
I bake all sorts from cakes, scones to biscuits and loafs. I have a cute recipe book from Paperchase which was around £8 where I write the recipes I make the most often. I would love to build up my collection and fill the whole thing.

Today I have been baking and I've made a homely Cheese Loaf out of my nana's old recipe book and something I call "Crunchy Nut Cluster Vanilla Drops". They're originally called Cornflake Vanilla Drops but I much prefer them with the other cereal! Either of them do taste lovely though, it's whichever one you fancy putting in. I will write a post with the recipe in for you keen bakers to try! :)

Do you have any scrumptious recipes which I am able to try? I would love to hear from you so I can discover some new baking recipes.
Lots of love,