Petite Problems


Hello everyone!

Don't you just hate it when you're looking for a new coat, a pair of trousers or even a dress and nothing seems to fit right? Just lately I seem to be experiencing this problem more than ever and not just with clothes - with shoes too! I am a different size in each shop and honestly can't say I am just one size.

I've just been on a quick trip into the town near where I live with my nana this morning and went into Dorothy Perkins. I decided to look for a new winter coat being as they have a 30% off everything at the moment and tried on a few. The first one was a petite size 6 which fit perfectly on my body but was a little too short on my arms. The next coat was a size 8 but ended up being way too big and I thought I would try on a small size 10 (more like a size 8) which did look lovely though was also too big for my little body. It's strange because when I tried on a size 8 coat in Matalan the other day - it fit perfectly, so I will probably end up going for that one. Every shops size is different! A size 8 in shop A isn't the same as the one in shop B.

Just recently I've lost a lot of weight due to illness which has caused me to go down a few sizes so I have bought a whole bunch of smaller clothes until I put the pounds back on again. I've not only gone down in clothing sizes but my feet have shrunk from a 5 to around a 4 and sometimes even a 3 (it depends where I purchase the shoes from). I never knew it was possible for feet to shrink - hehe!

I would just love to have a fashion designer who tailors clothes for me and my body. It would be so much easier than traipsing round different shops spending endless hours in the changing rooms just to find something to fit! Hopefully when I've put on weight I will find it a little easier to find clothes to fit me right.

Overall I've found that I fit into most things in my size at New Look, they have a great range and a lot of pretty clothes to choose from in different styles. I have quite a wide variety of New Look clothes in my wardrobe. Talking about this has made me want to have a quick online stroll around the clothes shops websites - not to say I will buy anything because I ideally need to try the items on.. but there is no harm in having a sneaky peaky right? ;)

Do any of you girls out there have the same problem when finding clothes to fit?

Lots of Love,