That Autumn Feeling (Life Update)


Hello everyone,

I can really tell that Autumn is coming especially in the mornings when there is such a chill in the air but thankfully it's been quite warm still throughout the middle of the day (nothing can beat the warmth).The sun is shining down right now and I am sat in my lovely bright, warm conservatory with my cat enjoying a cup of tea, my fave.

I had a job trial yesterday afternoon from 1:30 until 4:30 which went quite well, the position is for an "Office Junior" where I will hopefully get trained up on all aspects of working within this sort of sector (that's if I am successful in getting the job). The office is quite small with just three other ladies working there - my ideal kind of environment. I was quite nervous as I took a walk to the office and had to take some deep breaths though after I'd been there for a little while I soon calmed down and felt comfortable. They got me to do a whole variety of jobs which I really enjoyed! I will know if I have got the job next Monday or Tuesday, hopefully.

I've done some more baking today and I feel that they had quite an Autumnal feel to them, I made some Honey, Fruit and Nut Flapjacks (I sort of made up my own recipe) and a flourless Banana Bread which has desiccated coconut, milk and once again "Crunchy Nut Clusters" in them amongst other ingredients - I seriously can't get enough of that cereal! ITS SO DELICIOUS. The Flapjacks turned out incredibly well and are scrumptious to eat though the Banana Bread ended up being a little more sticky than I would of liked. Next time I bake Banana Bread, I'll try a different recipe or tweak the one I used!

Looking outside now through the windows I can tell that the weather is a little more chilly as the warmth of the day is fading and the trees are blowing in the wind. I'm going to stop writing now and think about what I want for my tea later on,  I might have some Sundried Tomato Basmati Rice (Tilda) which I've not tried before, but looking forward to. I bought it last night on mine and the boyfriends trip to Tesco's and also bought some new snacks to try including a Red Berry mix, Kiwi pieces and sweetened dried Apple - I'm trying to cut down on my obsession with chocolate and replace it with healthier things which I think will help with my IBS.

What do you have planned for this evening?

Lots of love,

My Honey, Fruit and Nut Flapjacks