My September Paperchase Wishlist


Hello there everyone!

A lot of you may know already that I love Paperchase and would love to buy everything displayed in the whole entire shop, that would be a dream come true for me! I'm obsessed with stationery and have WAY TOO MANY notebooks, pens, stickers and other items. I love girly stationery the most - anything with the colour pink on, butterflies, flowers etc. At Paperchase there is a whole variety of stationery and they also sell phone/tablet cases, headphones, bags and keyrings along with a whole host of other things which makes me very happy indeed. Whenever I go into town with my boyfriend at the weekend we always end up in Paperchase and he just stands there waiting for me to take a long look around without complaining, bless his heart.. that's just one of the many reasons I love him.

Anyway the reason for this post is to show you girls my September Paperchase Wishlist! I get so excited looking at the website here (go on, take a look) you know you want to! I was looking at the website earlier on today and found four items which I really, really want and wanted to share them with you all. Here they are..

Number 1 - Butterflies Mechanical Pen
The first one is this really pretty pink butterfly pen! I think it's a great pen as it's got a sort of vintage look to it and I love the little charm which is attached to the end of it. There is also another version of this in a sort of grey colour though I'm not keen on that one (probably because it's not pink, haha). You can purchase this here.

Number 2 - Elephants Hand-stitched Notebook
This is the picture on the bottom left, the beautiful hand-stitched notebook! It looks very well made, suitable for somebody who likes to carry a notebook around with them, I think it would be a good notebook to take to college. I love the design and have a writing set which matches this. I may just have to get it to add to my snazzy elephant collection. Another thing which attracts me to this is all of the wonderful bright colours. You can purchase this here.

Number 3 - Lush Mush mini sticky notes
These are so cute and I love the little designs inside. There are a few animal sticky notes including a cat and owl, 5 different colour thin sticky notes and a main larger one with a cute little bird sat at the top of a tree on it. I am a person who likes to write everything down and am extremely organised - these are perfect for that streak in my personality. You know I'm going to say that the PINK colour is just the best! (Pinkaholic Syndrome Warning). You can purchase this here.

Number 4 - A5 glitter cupcake week to view diary 2015
This diary is just perfect for me, I adore cupcakes, the colour pink and glittery stuff - can a diary get any better?! I also love the funky repetitive design. I love having a diary because as I said above I like to jot everything down so I know what's what and I am quite a forgetful person so it's useful to have it down on paper where it'll stay (unlike my fish like memory, 3,2,1 and it's GONE). I may purchase this diary for next year, but am not too sure yet as I already have one, ouch! Can a girl have too many diaries? *squeezes eyes shut and hopes you say no*. Anyway, you can purchase this here.

I hope you've enjoyed looking at my mini September Paperchase Wishlist and hopefully I've inspired you to get some more lovely stationery.

Where do you like to purchase your stationery from?

Lots of love,