10 things to love about Autumn


Hello everyone,

How are you all on this lovely Autumn evening? I hope you are well and looking forward to the weekend ahead.

The weather is now getting colder in most parts of England as the shorter days are in full swing. Even though we may be looking longingly at this Summer's photographs and reminiscing at all of the happy warm memories made, it has to be said that Autumn is a breath of fresh air! So let's embrace this season with 10 things to love about Autumn..


1 - The Leaves

I think it looks absolutely beautiful when all of the crisp brown and orange leaves start to make their way to the ground and settle creating that perfect crunchy blanket when you walk over them.

2 - The Fashion
I love to wrap up in cosy woolly jumpers, thermal leggings and my ugg boots. It doesn't just stop at daytime fashion - I adore wearing warm pyjamas and onesies to bed!

3 - Apple Pie
They may be available all year round but apples are the best at this time of year! Cobbler, Strudel, Crumble and Pie - take your pick! (Don't forget the custard!)

4 - Crisp Mornings and Chilly Evenings
This isn't one of my favourite parts of Autumn but it makes a change from the heat of summer! I suppose I don't mind as long as I'm wrapped up in a nice coat and scarf.

5 - Autumn Themed Candles
I love Yankee candles and have plenty in my room though I love it when they bring out different scents for different times of year!

6 - Halloween
Even though I'm not a kid any more I still get a bit excited thinking of all the tasty treats around at this time of year! (It's great when I get invited to a fancy dress party so I can dress up as a witch) Mwahaha!

7 - Carving Pumpkins
I've already mentioned Halloween but this is the hallmark of childhood! Spooky faces glowing everywhere you look.

8 - Hot Chocolate
I love this all year round but it's great when you're sat at home in the evening, wrapped in a blanket with a hot chocolate. So, so cosy and yummy!

9 - Bonfires With The Family
It's just so nice to be standing out in the cold nights air next to a roaring bonfire, and the smell is just lush!

10 - The First Fire Of The Season
Nothing beats lighting the first fire of the season, it's just one of the most comforting warming things in the entire world! I love being all cosy.

These are some of the best things about Autumn. I hope it's helped some of you beat the blues and look forward to the cold season ahead.

What's your favourite thing about Autumn?
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