Bits and bobs


Hello there everyone,

I hope you're all alright and are having a great week up to now, even though the weather isn't at its best. Hopefully it'll brighten up ready for the weekend, that's my wishful thinking anyway because today it's so miserable and rainy, boo hoo!

I had a lovely day yesterday. Me and my Nana went to the local town to take a look around a few shops, I love cheap shops such as Home Bargains, Family Bargains and B&M Bargains (you've probably guessed that you can find quite a few great bargains in these ;)). We're lucky to have all three where we live.

I mostly go into these bargain shops to look at the stationery and home ware along side getting my essential toiletries such as shampoo, conditioner and face wipes. They are always updating their stock so it's always nice to look around especially if you've not been in there for a while.

I got some lovely pencils and pens from Home Bargains to match my room and some lovely vintage floral storage tins, all amounting to no more that £4! BARGAIN! (I will post a picture of the tins in another post soon)

Another cute little treat which I got myself from there is my first ever onesie! I told my friend Lucy last night and she was saying "Finally! I told you to get one last year Koren" Oops! Now that I have got one I slept in it last night and I absolutely love it! It's white with lots of little flowers on, very girly indeed and only £9.99.

After a busy morning of shopping, I spent the evening with two of my beautiful best friends Chloe and Rosie who I love to pieces! Rosie bought me a beautiful bird cage tea light holder for my room, which I am so grateful for (again, I shall have to post a picture up on my blog sometime, it's very pretty).

Have you come across any bargains lately?

Lots of love,

Koren xo