Moments like these


Hello there everyone,

How are you all on this beautiful, warm sunny day? I wasn't expecting the weather to be quite as lovely as it has been today being as it's been terrible for the majority of the week - we're talking rain, clouds and dull skies.

This evening, not so long ago I hadn't much else to do so I thought I would go and sit on the garden bench. I found myself thinking how lucky we are to have outside spaces to enjoy and the amazing things which come a long with it such as the flowers, the lush green grass, the towering trees above and the blue skies - not to mention animals like birds!

I also love the scents which come from all of the flowers and different plants (happy face) it relaxes me. Another one of my favorite smells is freshly cut grass. One of the garden benches needs desperately painting so I think I will persuade my parents to paint it a nice pastel colour, hopefully pink.

Whilst I was outside in the garden I took some pictures for you to enjoy, a few which I have put in this post.

I think it's important to treasure peaceful moments like these and be grateful for the free enjoyable things in life. It's a bonus if you always have a cup of tea on hand too ;)

What relaxes you? What moments do you treasure?

Lots of love

Koren xo

(Ps - I am so happy that one of my favorite authors Lindsey Kelk has started following me on Instagram - Yay!)