Botanics - All Bright Hydrating Night Cream


Hello there everyone, 

As I mentioned in one of my previous posts, this is a review of the night cream from Boots which I have been using for around a month or two now. 

Before I start writing about this particular night cream, I would just like to say that it's a great idea to use any night cream as it moisturizes, rejuvenates and refreshes your facial skin for the next day. Once I wake up in the morning, I can feel a difference in my skin than if I hadn't of applied night cream - it feels smooth and a perfect even base for the days makeup ahead. 

This night cream I've been using smells absolutely lovely, it has a fresh floral smell to it which always seems to relax me at night. Even after 15 minutes of laying in bed the smell still lingers, it's great. 

The consistency of this cream is rather thick and I would say that it is rich. Even though it's like this, it does soak into your skin perfectly well and doesn't feel sticky or uncomfortable. It has quite a cooling sensation when you first apply it, but this subsides as you begin to rub it in. 


Botanics - All Bright Hydrating Night Cream special ingredient is Hibiscus. As it states on the Boots website "Hibiscus is nature's brightness booster and a wonderful hue of pink". I would say that I agree with this statement and my face does seem to be a little bit brighter than before I was using it! I also think this is the reason it smells so wonderfully floral! 

This product contains natural AHA's (Alpha Hydroxy Acid) from the Hibiscus itself. These are mild acids derived from natural produce such as flowers, fruit and plants. AHA's help to remove the dull outer layer of the skin, rejuvenating it. I think that the results from the AHA's are very subtle and you can't really tell that much of a difference, though it's nice to know some natural goodness is in this product helping to renew and refresh your skin.

It is fairly cheap at the moment on the Boots website, being priced at £3.99 when usually it is £4.99 - so you're saving a little bit of money. Along with this purchase you also get 399 Boots Reward Card points, a lovely bonus if you have one of these (these are free, so if you're interested ask at your local store). 

Overall this is a great product which comes in a cute little box and inside is the tub itself, which is also plain but pretty. I would definitely purchase this product again as it suits my skin - combination! I don't see why it wouldn't suit other skin types either making it a great product all round.

You can buy it here :)

Which night cream have you used before and felt it did its job?

Lots of Love

Koren xo 
The cream itself.