We're all going on a summer holiday


Hello there everyone!

How are you all doing?

As promised this post (as you've probably guessed) is about my recent holiday. I've not long come back from a beautiful weeks break away in Menorca, it was the best holiday I've been on by far.

I went early on Wednesday 18th June and came back on Wednesday 25th June, the flights were smooth and we had no problems at all in-flight but we was delayed coming home due to the French strikes. We was meant to be taking off at 10:20 am but didn't actually end up departing til 12:40 pm! We boarded the plane and got settled then the pilot announced that we would have to sit there for around an hour to wait for a slot so he let us take a look at and sit in his cockpit, this was amazing :) something I've always wanted to do as I quite like planes! Anyway, we got home eventually and here I am writing this.

We stayed in Insotel Club Punta Prima which is right next to the beach. It is more like a holiday village set on a hill - all of the apartments are spread out across it in little lines. Luckily our apartment wasn't TOO far up the hill as it was pretty hard work walking up it which we discovered when going up to the indoor pool/Jacuzzi and spa. Also at the top of the hill was an Italian restaurant and snack bar, a large pool, children's pools, a theater room with a connected bar and supermarket. Various activities such as Rifle Shooting, Archery and Volley Ball took place up here.

At the bottom of the hill was the main pool with a bridge going over to the snack bar where you could help yourself to ice cream and various drinks. Next to the snack bar was a BBQ serving meats, potatoes and salad every lunch time meaning you had a choice whether to eat there or in the main restaurant with the daily buffet. The buffet was always on at breakfast, lunch and dinner with a great choice of foods! Perfect for my other half who can eat for England. There was also a Mediterranean restaurant down at the bottom of the hill though you had to book at the reception to eat here.

Throughout the day there are plenty of activities going on such as Aqua Zumba and Aerobics, Yoga, Pilates, Rifle Shooting, Archery, Volley Ball, Bike Hire, Water Polo and lots of others (too many to put down!)  There is also a animation team keeping everyone entertained and a kids club.

At night in the show bar either the animation team put on a show including Moulin Rouge or outside acts such as African Footprints (African dancing and acrobatics) keep you entertained for the night. Before the show started the kids had a mini disco with lots of fun dances though a lot of the adults joined in as well! ;). Usually after the show they played recent chart/house music and a lot of people danced the rest of the night away.

There was unlimited access to drinks, food and snacks with it being an all inclusive hotel. The accommodation was very modern and clean (the maids came in most days) and there was also a flat screen TV in the living room with English freeview channels instead of the news! It definitely deserves the five stars it has been awarded and I certainly will be staying there next year!

You can check it out on the Thomson website who we booked with here.

Have you enjoyed your break away this year or are you still looking forward to going?!

Lots of Love

Koren xo