Maybelline Forever Strong - Pink in the Park


Hello there everyone,

Pink in the Park
Today I am going to be writing a quick review on a nail polish which I have been using for the past few weeks - Maybelline Forever Strong in the colour "Pink in the Park". Whilst I was browsing the Maybelline section at my local Boots, it caught my eye because I adore everything pastel and pretty!

It it such a beautiful light pastel pink colour, perfect for the S/S14 pastel trends on the catwalk this season. There were also other colours including yellow, blue and green - which I will probably end up trying soon.

This nail varnish is very easy to apply with a wider brush than most polishes allowing it to cover the majority of your nail. On the first coat it barely covers up your natural nail - you definitely need at least 3-4 coats! I know this can be annoying as you have to wait for the various layers to dry though this shouldn't take too long as long as they're not TOO thick.

Once it's dry and you've built up the layers it is honestly one of the most gorgeous nail polish colours I have ever owned! It is very elegant, dainty and spring like.

I also recommend putting a top coat on top because even though it say it's "Forever Strong" it is a chipper! This is the only down side (sad face) - it doesn't put me off using it though.

What polish are you digging at the minute?

Lots of love

Koren xo