Fing'rs Simply Chic - Pretty in Pink


Hello there everybody,

Today I am going to be writing a review on a product which I wouldn't usually purchase, Fing'rs Simply Chic - Pretty in Pink (stick on artificial nails).

The reason why I wouldn't normally purchase a product of this kind is because I'm not very keen on the feel fake nails have when applied onto your natural nail. A lot of people can tolerate the feel of the fake nails once they become used to them being there. Being constantly worried about them coming off whilst getting on with daily life is another negative for me, but this isn't the same for everyone!

So the other day I was having a little wander around Asda (down the beauty isle of course) and I came across these little beauties. I'd never heard of the brand Fing'rs before as I think it's originally an Australian or American brand which has come over to the United Kingdom. The box is very pretty and brightly coloured which stood out to me as I adore colourful things. Another reason I was attracted to these is the fact they're pink (my favorite colour) and the beautiful little bow charms, to stick on your nail once the main ones had been applied - I didn't use these though because they were a little bulky.
There are a variety of different sizes so you can find the best ones for your nails, there are 24 nails all together in 12 sizes! It didn't take me long to find the correct ones for myself. Before I applied them I made sure that all previous nail polish had been removed, I then started the easy process of sticking them onto my natural nails - it took about 5 minutes in total. I was surprised at how sticky the glue on the fake nails were!

I only had the nails on for around 24 hours (they started to irritate me!), the box claims that you can wear them up to a week, I do genuinely believe that they would last that long as the glue was rather strong.

I can honestly say that this is a great product for people who like to use stick on and fake nails, they come in a great assortment of designs and colours and feel so smooth to touch! The nails themselves are quite thick and feel strong, I can tell they're durable especially for someone who uses their nails as tools regularly (like me).

The only thing I found is, when I was doing certain activities like making my bed, I felt a strange sensation over my nail as if they were moving - though I suppose you get this with all fake nails, right?!

You can purchase the Pretty in Pink nails from Asda where I got them from and I guess other supermarkets, possibly including shops like Boots and Superdrug? You should take a wander down your beauty isle to see if you can spot them! :)

The price was around £7, but if you love this sort of thing - it's worth it.

Thanks for reading my lovlies, 

Lots of love, 

Koren xo