Just a couple of beauty tips.


Hello there everyone,

I just thought I would write about a couple of beauty tips which I always include in my daily routine, they don't take a lot of effort and you should be able to easily incorporate them into your own beauty regime.

Number 1 - Brush your eyebrows with a toothbrush!
My auntie is a beautician and I was asking her which brush was the best to use on your eyebrows and where to purchase them from. In reply to my question came out the bizarre "You can just use a toothbrush!".
I looked at her in amazement and didn't quite believe what I was hearing, was she winding me up? No! From that day, I have always used a toothbrush to brush my eyebrows into shape when they get a little messy from a nights sleep in bed and it works perfectly well. I would recommend purchasing a new one and not using one which you've previously used to brush your teeth with ;-).

Number 2 - Apply a moisturizing night cream religiously (every night of course)
So, for my bedtime routine (I have all of my products lined up next to my bed so I don't forget!) I firstly take out my contact lenses and put them into their cute little pot with special lens cleaning lotion to ensure they're cleansed, ready for the next day. I then remove the days makeup with face wipes - I don't have one specific brand which I use all of the time, I just buy random ones, though there are ones I use more than others.

Once I have removed all of my makeup I should really use a cleanser and toner but me being a sleep lover I like to make the bed time routine as quick as possible so I can get into my lovely comfy bed and drift off, Zzz... so unfortunately this doesn't happen as regular as it should do.

To quicken up the process, I finally apply a moisturizing night cream and I can honestly say that since I have been doing this my skin is in a lot better condition, is clearer and feels extremely refreshed! Another bonus is that it's easier to apply my make up if I have had the cream on through the night as my face becomes a lovely smooth even base for application.

Girls, I would really try these tips out to see if it helps you like it has for me! (I will do another post about which moisturizing night cream I use soon).

Which things have you incorporated into your routine which has helped you?

Lots of love

Koren xo