Prickly Pear Barry M Gelly Polish


This is my first ever product review so bear with me!

I am such a nail polish addict, I find it impossibly hard to tear myself away from the beauty and nail isle whenever I visit the shops. You'll often have to bribe me away with chocolate! (Another major love of mine) 

Anyway, I am a big fan of the Barry M Gelly Polish range and have recently acquired a few beautiful spring time colours.  Pastel spring hues are big at the moment (S/S14) and I couldn't resist - they go hand in hand with my soft and calm personality perfectly whilst complimenting my outfits. 
A great shiny finish! 

Prickly pear is a delightful shade of pastel purple, which reminds me of lavender.


This nail polish is pleasant to put on, it goes on really smoothly without causing any nasty marks or bumps. Although it goes on well, you do have to build it up (I recommend three layers) - the first layer is very thin but as you build up the layers you're left with a beautiful rich matte colour. It's important to let each layer dry before you apply the next so you get a smoother and more precise application.

As you can see in the picture above it has a lovely shine to it once it has dried and feels very smooth to touch. If you would like it to be even more shiny then I suggest putting on a top coat which will add to the Gelly effect.

You would think going by the name you'd have to go to all of the usual trouble doing gel nails, but this isn't the case at all - you simply just apply it like normal nail polish and get the same beautiful effect.

You can purchase Prickly Pear and a wide variety of other shades here

Which shades are your favorite for this time of year?

Lots of love

Koren xo