Spring has sprung


Hello everyone!

I've not posted since last week, but there is a very good reason for that - the warm weather is finally in full force and I've been out enjoying it.
I'm not sure how much longer the lovely weather will last, but I do hope that it sticks around for a while as there is nothing else which uplifts my mood quite like the sunshine does.

Fantasy Run

On Saturday morning, my boyfriend and myself played in the back garden with my little brother Charlie who is two years old. We kicked the football around and explored the flowers/plants for butterflies, bees, ladybirds and other creatures (Charlie is easily amused with mini beasts)!
When lunch time came around the boys had a bite to eat outside in the sunshine and I enjoyed a cup of tea, I wasn't that hungry. After that we continued playing for a little bit longer then my mum and her boyfriend took my brother from our hands so that we could all get ready for our afternoon plans!

That afternoon all of the family went up to one of my aunts and uncles houses around 25 minutes away for their leaving party which was France themed (we all had to wear red, white and blue!). The reason for this theme is that my aunt and two cousins are going there for around three months to experience living over there in their holiday home, to see if they could on a permanent basis - if they do decide this I will miss them lots (sad face) but hopefully I will get to visit often!

The party was great fun, they hired a big assault course called "Fantasy Run" which took up the majority of the garden, for the kids to play on but the adults joined in too of course! We had races (the younger kids, the older kids and the adults), this caused everyone to have a good giggle! We mostly spent the afternoon chatting and catching up with family and family friends we hadn't seen in a while.
My aunt had made a delicious buffet with boiled potato's in butter, salad, crusty bread, chili and various other food. There was also some cute France themed cupcakes made especially for the party by my boyfriend's step mum which we had for afters.
Cute cupcakes!

After a lovely afternoon and evening at the leaving party we decided to leave as my brother was getting tired, he had his milk and put his pyjamas on before we left just in case he fell to sleep on the journey back - adorable!

When we arrived home I was worn out but me and my boyfriend still had another party to attend, which was one of his best friends cousins 18th Birthday party. At this party there was a bouncy castle, a bucking bull where you have to hold on and see how long you can stay on before falling off and there was also a foam machine ring (it was sort of in the shape of a boxing ring with inflatable walls and floor which had foam flying around everywhere coming out of the foam machine). I didn't go in there though as I was too chilly at that time of evening when the sun was setting.

There was lots of music, food, booze - the usual things you find at a party! A lot of people camped out in the field which backs onto their back garden but me and my boyfriend decided to go home as we didn't fancy sleeping in his car (we don't own a tent). We left around 1.30 in the morning, just as we was leaving a stripper pulled up on the front drive in his car - a super surprise for the birthday girl!

When we got home, we went straight to bed and I slept until 11 in the morning, which is unlike me as I am such an early bird getting up between 7 and 8 on most mornings whether I have had a late night or not!

Overall I had an action packed and fun Saturday in the sunshine and hope there is more to come!

What did you all get up to over the weekend?

Lots of love

Koren xo