Oh, I do like to be beside the seaside


Hello there everyone!

I've just come back from a weeks break at Southview Leisure Park in Skegness, it was my first time to this particular holiday site which is owned by Park Resorts but I certainly would go back again. The park is located not too far from the beach and main amusements (a five minute drive). I went with my brother who is two years old, my mum and her partner, my grandma and also my boyfriend.

The accommodation which we stayed in was a Silver Plus caravan which slept up to 8 people, this was a homely caravan though rather basic. It had quite a big open plan living room and kitchen with a TV and the sofa converted into one of the beds if needed. The rooms were pretty small though this isn't a surprise as most caravans are like this and it's all part of the fun! Throughout the caravan in each room was an electric heater on the wall and the living room had a gas fire - we left the electric heaters on all of the time as at this time of year it can still get pretty chilly especially in the morning and evening! Cutlery, plates, mugs and bed linen was provided, you was required to take your own tea towels and toilet roll etc.

May is a wonderful time to come to this park as there are ducklings and other baby animals wandering around - it is such a wonderful sight! I have a slight obsession with ducks and made friends with some who came to the caravan every morning and evening to be fed some bread, this made me happy. I was tempted to take a duckling home, a dream of mine at the moment is to have one as a pet. (Odd? I know!) There are lakes situated around the park and lots of pretty flowers and greenery - it is such a lovely and relaxing place, perfect for walks.

Here are some of the cute ducklings!

We spent the day at Butlins and went to the splash world which was amazingly fun and bought the child in me to the surface. Me and my boyfriend went down a flume on a ginormous neon green dingy (it was a lot faster than I thought!) this took me by surprise as it looked as if the water was flowing steadily but I was proved wrong, it caused me to have a satisfying adrenaline rush. I was a wimp and didn't go on it again afterward though. We spent a few hours in there and then went to an all you can eat buffet for our tea - I had jacket potato with baked beans (YUMMY!!) then for dessert I had a gorgeous warm toffee sponge cake with custard, a perfect end to an action packed day.

Other days out included once to the beach making sand castles though we were sat there shivering with our coats on and our hoods up - this is typical of an English holiday! We went to various arcades, ate out at different restaurants (in fact, every meal consumed was at a restaurant - oops!). We also played mini golf every day and had competitions against each other, the closest I got to winning was second place, which I am proud of. My mums partner won all of the games and he was the one writing all of the numbers down, hmm? No, he wouldn't of!

I could write all day about the holiday though I am going to stop now as it's my bed time. Zzz. (I do have something else to look forward to though, which is a week away in Menorca, I am going in June - Yay!) 

Where is your favorite place to go on holiday? Are you going anywhere nice this year? 

Lots of Love, 

Koren xo