No7 Stay Perfect Foundation (Cool Vanilla)


Today I'll be doing a quick review on my absolute favorite make up staple, I would love to share my experiences with this product and hopefully make it easier for any of you who are looking to try out a new foundation.

I've been wearing this product for around a year now and I can sincerely say that I won't ever be walking away from it, it's saved me from the constant daily battle with various other foundations (I just couldn't find one to suit my skin!). My friend Rhea introduced me to it, she's mixed race so I wasn't able to try it out on my face but I put a little bit on my hand and rubbed it in. Obviously hers was too dark for me especially as I am usually the lightest colour in all shades - yes, I am a bit like a walking snow white just without the princess dresses and talking animals.

 Anyway, when I applied the product for the first time on my hand I could feel the difference to any other foundation I had ever tried, it had a lovely light, soft feel to it which compelled me to buy my own when I went to boots the next day.

As I said before I had a constant battle of chopping and changing foundation on a regular basis, none of them sat right on my skin and made my face feel unattractive and cakey. I was excited to try it out, when I did I was pleasantly surprised at how natural it looks whilst giving a medium to full coverage at the same time.

It does feel a little greasy when you first apply it but once you've fully rubbed it in you can't tell you have anything on your face! I apply it with my fingers which I've heard is bad/unhygienic but it works for me - if you use brushes to apply your makeup then go ahead. Either way I am sure you'll be happy with how this makes your skin look.

I have very, very (might I add another very?) fair skin so I opted with Cool Vanilla, which I think is the second to lightest, I wanted a teeny weeny bit of colour! If you go into boots the lady will 
scan both of your cheeks with a special device which calculates the suitable shade for your skin tone - I didn't get this done though. 

My skin savior!

Overall it is a great product and perfect for all skin types!

You can purchase it here (Boots have a 3 for 2 deal on for all No7 products - YAY!)

Was this review helpful? Which has been your makeup savior?

Lots of love

Koren xo